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I commissioned this, and it just so happened to be completed in time for tomorrow. Consider it a late birthday present, and a happy Hearts and Hooves Day.

I am made utterly speechless by how perfect this is. More than just appealing to my TwiDash bias, this is just such a beautiful video. And with my love of TwiDash…perfect.

As a gift for me, this is amazing. Thank you so much. <3

((I think this may put to shame what I had planned for tommorow, but I simply can not not post it here.

I think…this might be merged with the current Ask TwiDash canon of how they got together. Maybe.))


China kills 11 ‘€˜terrorists’€™ in Xinjiang

Eleven “terrorists” were killed during an attack in China’s far western region of Xinjiang on Friday, state news agency Xinhua reported, in the latest violence to hit a part of the country with a large Muslim population.

"The terrorists, riding motorbikes and cars, attacked a team of police who were gathering before the gate of a park for routine patrol at around 4 p.m. in Wushi County in the Aksu Prefecture," Xinhua said in an English-language report.

Aksu Prefecture has been the site of entanglements between Han Chinese authorities and Xinjiang’s Muslim ethnic Uyghurs. Human rights activists told Al Jazeera in mid-September that authorities had placed a Chinese flag at the head of a mosque in Aksu, provoking a public outcry after essentially forcing Muslims to bow to the Chinese state.

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Photo: Ke Dawei/ColorChinaPhoto/AP Images


UN panel finds crimes against humanity in North Korea

A U.N. Commission of Inquiry has found that crimes against humanity have been committed in North Korea and recommended its findings be referred to the International Criminal Court, two people familiar with the commission’s report told The Associated Press.

The commission, which conducted a yearlong investigation, has found evidence of an array of such crimes, including “extermination,” “crimes against humanity against starving populations” and a widespread campaign of abductions of individuals in South Korea and Japan.

Its report, due for release on Monday, did not examine in detail individual responsibility for the alleged crimes, but recommended steps toward accountability.

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Sochi notebook: Jamaica is still jammin’ at the Winter Olympics

It took Jamaica 12 years to return to Olympic bobsled competition, and despite placing no higher than 25th in four official training runs (out of 30 sleds), 46-year-old driver Winston Watts said on Friday, “we are as serious as athletes as the Swiss, Germans and Canadians.

“We are not a bunch of jokers. Competing in bobsleigh means the world to me. The fact that we are here means a lot to Jamaica — even if in my country we have ice only in refrigerators.”

Continuing on the kitchen theme, Watts said, “Being out of bobsleigh I felt I was starving or something, and now we are back. We are hungry men, and hungry men are angry.”

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Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images



MUST SEE & YES! This is Epic, Ju Hong! via



Ju Hong posted a special Valentine’s Day card to his Facebook wall with hopes President Obama will see it. Hong’s Valentine’s message for Obama? He wants the president to stop deportations.

“Valentine’s Day is a special day for people to spend time with their loved ones,” Hong told Fusion. “However, in this Valentine’s Day, millions of undocumented immigrants will not have the chance to spend time with their loved ones because of our broken immigration system.”

Hong was born in South Korea. He is currently working on obtaining his Master’s degree at San Francisco State University.

Ha, small world.


MUST SEE & Not surprising about Shirley Temple. via







Yeah, “R.I.P.” Shirley Temple, white child beauty icon & previous commander in chief of the “Blackface” gang. Smmfh…

If you view this post as “condemning a child”, then you have missed the point, totally. It’s shedding light on a certain attitude! The willingness of certain folks to turn a blind eye to an ugly history associated with our “icons” just to jump on the bandwagon with the majority. Trust me, Shirley will be treasured, adored, and remembered for her work until the end of time by both white folks & Black folks alike. I won’t play a part in that, and if it hurts your feelings, then you’ll have to deal with that on your own. I cannot see the value in Black folk paying tribute to Shirley Temple and I’ll blog about WTF I want. This topic is not up for debate with the clueless. Nuff said!

My derision of Shirley Temple Black is not based on her childhood movies — I can excuse that — my derision of her is based on her adult behavior.  I have a couple of questions for those Black people who are defending her:

1.  Are you aware that Shirley Temple Black was quite the racist as an adult?  Again, understandable given her time and place, but nothing worth defending.

2.  Are you aware that she had a long political career as a conservative Republican?

3.  Are you aware of any of her political causes or stances? (hint: political appointee of Nixon, and lauded by the likes of Henry Kissinger).  If those names don’t mean anything to you in the context of U.S. race politics, global hegemony, proxy wars and imperialism, go read some history books.

4.  Are you aware that she was an active proponent of segregation?

5.  Are you aware of any of her activities when she was U.S. Ambassador to Ghana?

If your answers to any of these questions were NO, you should increase your awareness before joining the train to praise her.  She wouldn’t be praising you.  (Actually, she would praise some of y’all for being good, obedient little negroes).

Yes!!!^^^^ it’s about soooo much more than meets the eye of the average observer of her films/roles. Smh…


Somebody in my community tried to say she dated Black as an adult, but I told her that didn’t sound right.

I KNEW she was a Republican, so I was wondering why the fuck she was chosen as an ambassador to GHANA of all places.

i figured it would be suspect seeing as she was ambassador. white folks in any african country during that time? no good.


#Anonymous - Spirit of MLK Launches Worldwide #WaveofAction ~*~

This video was created in support of the Anonymous call for a Worldwide Wave of Action. We have set up an organizing site here:

Video transcript:

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “We have come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism…. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges…. I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom…”

On the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, April 4th, 2014, the spirit of MLK will rise again. We will engage a worldwide wave of action, “from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city. From every mountain side…”

We will “let freedom ring.”

Anonymous, Occupy and the 99% Movement have set up the dominoes for an unprecedented Worldwide Wave of Action. The tipping point is near.

We are calling on all Anons, nonAnons, collectives, organizations and conscious individuals to take autonomous nonviolent direct action throughout the global spring.

For a sustained three-month cycle, we will swarm corrupt targets and rally around solutions to the vast problems we are confronted by.

This time, we will not have stationary targets for the police state to crush. We will be everywhere, fluid and evasive. The movement will be an unstoppable crowdsourced, decentralized and autonomous revolutionary force.

You lead, in your own way. Engage in a diversity of nonviolent tactics, from large-scale mobilizations to small daily acts, knowing that millions of people throughout the world will also be engaged at the same time you are, in whatever way they can.

Without revealing too much strategic information, here are some action ideas to get a fire going in your mind:

• Mass gatherings, demonstrations;
• Marches, parades;
• Flash mobs, swarms;
• Shutdown harmful corporate and governmental operations;
• Worker Strikes;
• Hunger strikes;
• Sit-ins;
• Strategic defaults, debt strikes;
• Foreclosure prevention;
• Boycotting corrupt corporations;
• Move your money out of the big banks and the stock market;
• Use alternative currencies and economic systems;
• Cancel your cable television and support independent media;
• Use independent online tools that don’t sell your info and protect your privacy;
• Online civil disobedience, Anonymous operations;
• Leak information on corruption;
• Use alternative energy;
• Build your own urban and hydroponic farms, or get your food from them;
• Support local businesses;
• Join local community organizations;
• Take part in food banks and help develop community support systems;
• Start or join intentional and autonomous communities;
• Experiment with new governing systems, Liquid Democracy;
• Host teach-ins;
• Organize socially conscious events;
• Make conscious media;
• Guerrilla postering, messages on money;
• Help inspiring groups and organizations spread their message;
• Random acts of kindness and compassion;
• Mass meditations, prayer sessions and spiritual actions.

You know what you can do to play a part. Do whatever you feel inspired to do. Amplify what you are already doing. Think about what you are willing to do to be the change that we urgently need to see in the world, and then do it.

Don’t get bogged down in infighting and caught up in negativity. Ignore the saboteurs. Collaborate with people who inspire you. Keep moving forward with an indomitable will, a compassionate spirit and radiate a positive attitude. Moods are contagious. Be passionate and have fun!

Create a culture of transformation.

If we begin preparing now, a massive Spring offensive will lead to a Summer of transformation, a Fall of the empire and the birth of a new era.

United we will blaze a contagious nonviolent wave of action through mass consciousness.
United we will signal the end of the old world.
United we will usher in a new paradigm.

Now is the time.

Ride the Worldwide Wave of Transformation

// End transcript


Officials: Uganda’s leader to sign anti-gay bill

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni plans to sign a bill into law that prescribes life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, officials said Friday, alarming rights activists who have condemned the bill as draconian in a country where homosexuality already has been criminalized.

Museveni announced his decision to governing party lawmakers, said government spokesman Ofwono Opondo. In Twitter posts on Friday, Opondo said the legislators, who are holding a retreat chaired by Museveni, “welcomed the development as a measure to protect Ugandans from social deviants.”

Museveni’s decision was based on a report by “medical experts” presented at the retreat, saying that “homosexuality is not genetic but a social behavior,” said Opondo.

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Photo: Sipa via AP Images

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